How to Feel Confident at THIMUN 2018

January 31, 2018

Never attended THIMUN or anything like it before? You are in the right place. This article will give you tips and insight into my experience as a first time THIMUN participant. THIMUN is a huge event where over 100 different nationalities of people gather at the World Forum, here in The Hague, to discuss world problems and find a suitable solution.  2018 brought around 3,500 participants to The Hague to be part of THIMUN’s 50th conference. I know… wow!



My name is Hannah and I have lived in Den Haag for almost 3 years. I attend the British School here, who fully support THIMUN’s conference and have attended it for years. It’s safe to say that before I moved from the North of England I had never heard Model United Nations. But now, here I am sat in a huge building surrounded by people from all over the world, something I never thought I would be doing.


I’m going to start with my biggest tip for THIMUN… Do not be afraid to talk to people! Whether you have never done it before or you are an expert, THIMUN is an excellent way to just make friends as well as engross yourself in new opportunities.

 I turned up on my first day at THIMUN with no previous experience of Model United Nations, or how to get around the World Forum building. I was very nervous and unsure, however, being one person selected to be part of THIMUN, there was a sense of pride motivating me to get involved, talk to people, and throw myself into the experience. One girl I interviewed on this topic says “It’s funny, because you make new friends and speak to them about their background for an hour or so and not until afterwards do you realise that you never asked what their name was, you were just so fascinated about everyone’s different backgrounds.”


This may sound funny, but one really good way to feel confident at THIMUN is to just act like you absolutely know where you are going and what you are doing. You may end up in the girl’s bathroom, but hey at least you are trying! Don’t tell anyone, but we are on day 3 and it still takes me a good 15 minutes to find my way back to my room!


You may walk into World Forum (just like me) and think everybody knows where they are going but 99% of the time, they don’t. Everybody is in the same boat and so my second tip would be always ask for help if you aren’t sure. THIMUN does help you become more independent; however, it’s best to ask somebody nearby if you have no idea.



As much as THIMUN can have tedious aspects to it, everybody’s roles play such a huge part in the conference and it wouldn’t run smoothly without each of them. THIMUN is a long week and you will probably feel very tired and worn out afterwards, especially those wearing heels for the whole week… However, THIMUN participants, you have journeyed to one of the best cities in the world. (Please excuse my bias.) But, therefore, despite the early mornings, despite the long days and definitely despite the poor Dutch weather, my third and final tip is to just have fun! One week, One role, One chance- don’t waste this THIMUN experience because it is an amazing one!

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