THIMUN After Hours: The Nightlife

January 30, 2018

Here at MUNITY online, we’re bringing you the answers you’ve all been dying to hear. We’ve got the inside scoop from anonymous THIMUN participants on what really goes on during the THIMUN nightlife.


Before we begin, it is important to state that these THIMUN parties are in no way affiliated with the official THIMUN conference and are planned by people outside of it.


So What’s the Nightlife of THIMUN Like?

Apparently it’s pretty fun and every night of the conference there is a party at the infamous Club 7 for anyone from the conference or any of the base schools in Holland. These parties allow delegates to get to know each other outside of the conference on a more sociable level.


These THIMUN parties cost 6 euros on a weeknight and 12 euros for the biggest event on Friday to celebrate the end of the conference. In order to get people to go, there are a few tickets sellers, up to 5, representing each of the base schools.


What’s It Like to Be a Ticket Seller?

It’s good, but hard work trying to get people to buy the tickets. Ticket sellers often get a reward like free entry or getting paid to sell, so it has “plus sides.”


How Many People Show Up to These Parties?

The answer is “quite a lot.” On any given weeknight, there are 1,000 or more people involved in the nightlife, around 100 of which are delegates, but most are admins.


What’s the Craziest Thing That’s Happened at a THIMUN Party?

Someone stood on the DJ’s decks, although they didn’t get to stay up there long before getting kicked off.



How About the First Party of the Conference, Monday Night?

The first party was glow-in-the-dark themed and everyone who came got beamers. There was even a UV light on which made any white outfits look purple. On the other hand, another source said that this first night was pretty empty with some rude bouncers.




And the Biggest Night, Friday Night?

Last year, there were so many people and it was really great. One of our anonymous sources lost her keys, so for her, there wasn’t much good to say. Another girl partied too hard and almost broke her nose, but got off with “just a concussion.” “Just a concussion.” Apparently this year, Friday night will have four stations of music and “ït will be better than last year” with more space.


So there you have it, THIMUN participants, the nightlife of THIMUN. What crazy things will happen soon? We’ll just have to wait and see...


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